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When choosing Farm and Ranch insurance coverage, there are many things to think about, from your personal and commercial property, to managing liability related to your property, operations and employees. Farmers Union Insurance was built on insuring farmers and ranchers, and we’d love to guide you through the necessary steps to obtaining the coverage that is right for you.


Farm & Ranch Insurance

Choose the farm and ranch insurance experts, since 1915

For more than 100 years, we’ve insured it all. From small hobby farms to larger ranches and grain/hay farming operations if you’re looking for the best insurance, make sure you’re with the company that has its roots in Montana. We provide coverage based on our long history and extensive knowledge in the state.

As agriculture continues to evolve, it’s even more critical to work with an insurance company you can trust. We offer customized policies that include all the personal and commercial coverage you need in one convenient package.


Why Farmers Union Insurance

Human Underwriting

Farmers Union Insurance handles underwriting in house. That means rather than providing you with standard rates and coverages, an actual person works to tailor your coverage and can help find solutions for unique situations.

Rural Expertise

Our company grew up in Montana, and we understand the unique insurance needs for customers in this region. We write insurance in all types of communities including rural areas of the state and the homes outside preferred fire protection districts.

Local and Personalized Claims Service

If you have a loss, your claim is handled locally, and completely in-house by our claims team. We work alongside you with the fair treatment you’d expect. This personalized approach is one of the reasons customers stay with Farmers Union Insurance for the long term.

Comprehensive coverage options for your farm or ranch


Farm equipment & machinery

Farm vehicles 






And more...

Find a Local Agent

Farmers Union Insurance is available exclusively through the Summit States Agency Group, serving local communities across the state of Montana.

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